Symposium 2015 - Call for papers

Although religion in all its various forms is a universally recognised and appreciated phenomenon, academic reflection on the topic is far from attaining general recognition. The organisers of the annual conference "Religion: research areas, methods and perspectives" aim to show the importance of religious studies at an individual, social and cultural level. We are inviting papers presenting both theoretical findings and the results of empirical research. We hope that the Third Krakow Symposium will provide a meeting point for researchers tackling religious phenomena from various perspectives – historical, sociological, psychological, anthropological and philosophical.

Thematic sessions: 

  • Religious fundamentalism,
  • Nature truthfulness and meaning of religion. The Philosophy of Religion,
  • Religia i kino,
  • Religious Studies and Religions of Asia – Research Perspectives,
  • Cognitive and Evolutionary Science of Religion,
  • Mysticism in World Religions,
  • Many aspects of research of myth,
  • Religia w świecie popkultury,
  • Psychology of religion,
  • Many social dimensions of religion. Individual – community – institution,
  • Religion and Language,
  • Global Christianity: changes and challenges,
  • Kościoły i wyznania w Polsce- historia i współczesność

Details about thematic sessions you will find here.


English, Polish.

Conferrence fee

300 PLN (or 80 EUR).

Important terms

Deadline for submissions to the conference: 15 September 2015.
Confirmation of acceptance: until 30 September 2015.
Pay the conference fee: until 10 October 2015.